Be a part of the next generation of business leaders in the Netherlands with the help of a team of seasoned accountants.

Lead Out Finance helps international entrepreneurs start and migrate their businesses to the Netherlands with a legitimate foundation.

Lead Out Finance is your cheerleader as well as your financial confidant.

Our ambitious and talented clients come from within the Netherlands and places like the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

They often have many questions about the particularities of the Dutch finance system, so we’re here to help.

At Lead Out Finance, your business finance pain points become ours to solve.

Set up a call today to learn more about our services in accounting set-up, tax, payroll, insurances, logistics, legal matters, and more.​

About Lead Out Finance

My name is Pieter van de Kreeke and I am the founder of Lead Out Finance.

I’m a seasoned finance professional with over 25 years of experience, 100+ customers, and over 560 projects.

I know the ways of corporate finance but also know very well about going off on your own and leading your own business.

My financial background and experience as an entrepreneur myself allow me to understand my client’s needs and curiosity.

Because of my values and experience, my clients are welcome to contact me to share their ideas, thoughts, and problems. 

What does this mean? No direct invoices for brief consults! I don’t leave my clients hanging. 

I believe in long-term professional relationships based on trust. So let’s start building that today!

Lead Out – What Does it Mean?

In cycling, the lead-out is a strategic role in the cycling peloton. The team of cyclists make sure that the leader is in the right position at the right time to head for the finish line. That leader is who I see in every client I have––Someone who sets out to make the victory.

The role of lead-out demands tremendous legpower, level-headedness, and perseverance. 

But every lead-out needs a team that is just as equipped for the landscape of the race. 

Let Lead Out Finance be a part of that team

I don’t believe in any restriction on age, gender, religion and colour among my clients and I don’t believe in the “hit and run” strategy;  I am as much of an advisor and I am a team member for my clients.

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